Stormborn Studios Inc.

An entire Fx department at your service.

Stormborn Studios is a Vancouver based FX house. We offer a wide range of high quality CG effects services.

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A Partnership Was Born.

Stormborn emerges as a fully modular Fx house for hire

The core team is comprised of three senior FX technical directors and supervisors with over 30 years of combined industry experience. From small-scale projects to Hollywood productions, the Stormborn team has worked for renowned studios all over the world, including ILM, Weta, Scanline and many more. The scope of work that Stormborn offers includes a wide variety of FX, including large scale destruction setups, volumetric and fluid simulations, as well as procedural and particle effects


Alex Lombardi

Having worked in some of the biggest Hollywood VFX houses Alex brings a wide range of Fx experience. Whether it's smashing up vehicles, setting up automated systems for sequences, or complex character effects, Alex offers Stormborn a unique view into approaching the most complex effects. Alex recently just finished working directly with Neill Blomkamp, bringing some of Neil's CG Fx visions to life.

Alex's Personal Reel:

Goran Pavles

The desire to use technical skills in a creative environment allowed Goran to work and evolve in the FX world of feature films over the past 10 years. He's worked on the big and the small, as an artist and in leadership positions. He gained experience in a wide variety of FX involved fields such as team management, long and short-term FX preparation and execution as well as software and tool development.

Goran's Personal Reel:

Manuel Tausch

Over the course of 10 years, Manuel has contributed to over 20 feature films while working at prestigious studios such as Sony Imageworks, Rhythm & Hues, ILM, and Weta. Manuel is always trying to push the boundaries of procedural FX and enjoys building complex setups, programming pipeline tools and tackling challenging shots. He loves sharing knowledge and is constantly trying to improve his techniques.

Manuel's Personal Reel:

Fx Services.

Stormborn is a Vancouver-based studio that specializes in complex, state of the art FX. Focusing solely on providing high-quality effects and consultation services, the Stormborn team prides itself on its creativity and efficiency. Operating as an external effects house allows the team to maintain a streamlined pipeline.

Tailored to your studio's needs

services_building Whether your studio needs an FX department with an established pipeline, or wants to supplement an existing project with a team of skilled specialists, Stormborn can provide you with everything you need to complete FX heavy productions.

Our years of knowledge working in different production environments can bridge our Fx into your scene assembly/renderer software. Be it providing volumetric renders or deforming geometry caches, Stormborn will manage and provide the best quality deliverables.

Every project need is different.

Stormborn works with your studio to find the most efficient solutions
Integrating to an existing pipeline
We tailor all our deliverables to match your pipeline for a seamless handoff.
Consultation building a new Fx pipeline
Whether you're a comp studio or just starting to build your 3D department. We can help build a solid foundation for the most complex step in visual effects.


Our office is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Drop us a message to see how Stormborn can help with your project's needs or answer any questions you have about our offered services.

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